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Pool supplies, electricity and chemicals can be expensive but our expert service can actually save you.

For all your pool service needs!

There are many symptoms of a poorly maintained pool: the water may be discoloured or cloudy, various chemicals or combinations may be out of whack and bacteria may start to thrive. A pool can quickly cease to provide the kind of safe, enjoyable environment we need.

Sore, red eyes are often indicative of many problems caused by pools lacking the correct levels of chlorine and pH. Protection really shouldn’t be necessary, which is why we have a “Goggle-Free Guarantee”.

Pool Service can keep your pool water well balanced and your heating and cleaning systems humming all year around, through the heights of summer or according to your own individual requirements.

So if you do not have crystal clear water that can be enjoyed without the need for goggles, you’re welcome to call on us. A pool doctor will help diagnose and treat the cause of your problem then tailor a plan to keep your pool perfect.

Pool Service covers: all in-ground pools, infinity pools, natural swimming pools, indoor pools and offers a complete service for your spa. We maintain all pool systems and can supply whatever pool water products you may need. We are a pool doctor for the maintenance of all brands of pumps, filters, sanitisers and cleaners, including Polaris, Zodiac, Pentair, Astral, Onga, Hayward, Hurlcon, Davey and many more.

We pride ourselves on extending the life of your pool equipment with good maintenance. We also keep the water in your pool clean and healthy, sparing the need for heavy intervention. In fact, no matter what kind of pool you have, we offer the lowest usage of supplies and chemicals. We also are leaders in pool automation and internet management. That’s what makes us better than the rest!

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