If choosing your swimming pool from a range of pre-fabricated fibreglass models is not for you and you’re looking for something a little more exclusive, then a concrete pool is the best option.
Imagine customising your new pool to suit your own needs. You will be able to design your pool to be as individual and unique as you are.

These days, the average block size is certainly getting smaller and as home buyers opt to build large with less the options for backyard landscaping are not as endless as they used to be. A difficult backyard is no longer a valid excuse for not having a swimming pool – Perth’s gorgeous weather is just too good to miss out on! Concrete pool design and construction is not limited by difficult site conditions or space restrictions. Pools can be constructed to any shape or depth to meet your specific requirements and provide members of your family with a versatile leisure area.

Your new pool could be built along boundaries or even as part of building structures. This is a fantastic option for houses under construction as the pool can be integrated as part of the building plans. Retaining walls can also be incorporated into the design and structure of the pool where necessary.

While it is easier to build a concrete pool before a house goes up, there are still many options available to those wanting to obtain a concrete pool at an established property. Concrete pools are the most versatile pool option and if engineered and designed into the surroundings with imagination, can turn a normal looking backyard into a spectacular one. Built in any shape, size or location, concrete pools have a lifetime value.

With a wide selection of colours and internal surface finishes now available, you can build a pool to perfectly blend into the surrounding area and suit you and your lifestyle with Instyle Concrete Pools.

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