Swimming pool maintenance is an important and often tedious part of being a pool owner. Unbalanced chemical levels can be harmful to you and your family, and foliage and debris can impact the pH balance of the water.

Implementing a maintenance schedule is the best way to ensure your pool is clean, healthy and continues looking brand new for its lifetime. Everyone’s schedule is going to be different, but here’s a list of factors to take into account:

Unbalanced chemical levels can be harmful to you and your family


Ideally, you would clean out skimmers daily. However, if your pool is not located near shade trees or other foliage that is likely to sneak into your pool, you may be able to get away with doing this just a few times a week. Failure to clean out skimmers can lead to backwash in your pool. It can also result in debris like leaves, hair and other substances clogging the skimmers and the pipes.


You should generally give your pool a good vacuum once each week. Again, this will depend on whether your pool is near shade trees or other foliage. If so, you may have to increase this to twice weekly or maybe more if there is a real problem with foliage getting into your pool. This removes leaves and debris that can impact the water’s pH balance.


This is quite a cumbersome task that, in an ideal world, would be done weekly. However, given it is quite a big task, you could be forgiven for doing this every few weeks.

Pool Filters

Pool filters should be completely cleaned out a few times each season. A backwash should be performed according to the pressure listed on the filter equipment. When pressure rises into the 100s, you’ll need to backwash as soon as possible.

Establishing a maintenance plan that you can consistently meet is the easiest way to keep on top of these responsibilities as a pool owner. However, we appreciate that not everyone has the time and that is why we are here. We’re happy to take care of your pride and joy while you’re away on holidays touring the world. You can rest assured that you’ll return to a crystal clear pool, ready for you to dive straight in and wash way the dust from the road.

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